Glen Afric Learning Centre

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Glen Afric Farm, ( is situated in the Hartbeespoort Area, South Africa. In January 2013, we opened our doors to a unique educational opportunity for your children. It has long been the dream of our hosts, John and Jenny Brooker, to create a school where children can benefit from the extraordinary experience they have created.  At Glen Afric Learning Centre, we are privileged to be able to combine world class education with a truly African environment in which students can grow to love and respect Africa’s vast fauna and flora. Principal and owner of the school, Dr Jacqui Gray, mother of four, has a wealth of experience in dealing with children during the 18 years in which she was in private practice as a Registered Homeopath and thereafter completed a PGCSE Cum Laude through UNISA and has been teaching for a number of years before opening Glen Afric Learning Centre. Our changing society has created a need for a dramatic change in our approach to education. As concerned parents and educators, we took the first steps in meeting the specific needs of our individual children. Significant change has a ripple effect and what started out as a few isolated parents wanting to offer their children something unique, now offers tuition to over 60 students.

PICS OF THE EARLY DAYS – In October 2012, The abandoned set of the popular ITV series, Wild at Heart, became home to Glen Afric Learning Centre